Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lego Android Hand

Focus of project: Exploring the possibilities of the Lego universal joints

After some thought about how amazing the tiny universal joints are, I tried something new that involved a combination of them and the linear actuators. I literally spent no more than 20 minutes on this thing, and therefore it doesn't have full functionality. However, putting this up my jacket sleeve and using my hidden arm to control it brought quite a bit of attention at school.

You can clearly see the universal joints in the center up there, all 8 of them. The 4 fingers were driven by them but the thumb didn't need any. I used a small rubber band (seen in front of the lower motor) to insure the system operating the thumb wouldn't shift too far into the fist, because it did without it. The 4 main motors were connected into a square grid. Believe it or not, this thing could squeeze soda cans and bend them up pretty good.

Here's the video:

Lego Android Hand
PF Contents:

1 Battery Box
5 M Motors
3 Receivers
3 Remotes
5 Linear Actuators

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