Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Compact Lego RC Car

Focus of project: Compactness

So after quite a bit of experience with the PF system, I sought out to making the smallest possible RC car I could make, with the largest type of battery box (for it's the only kind I have). The result wasn't too bad, but I felt like the maneuvering wasn't as good as it could have been. Like all PF vehicles, it was very fun to operate, especially in a dark room because of the lights. Anyway, here are a few pics:

As you can see I used the link "bone" piece for the controller steering. This method is used by many Technic/Power Functions builders for their cars.

Here we have a close up of some of the steering parts. I used rubber bands meant for braces (unused ones, of course!) for the return-to-center mechanism. I used 2 yellow knob wheels (one is seen under the windshield) in bevel gear form to steer the front wheels. A very similar mechanism was used in the large RC car. The LEDs can also be seen behind the clear-blue plates. Most of the wires were able to make their way under the windshield.

Seeing as there was no other place, I stuck the receiver in the back. It wasn't protruding too much, as you will see in the side view, but the asymmetry bugged me. However, there just was no way to attach the receiver symmetrically (without it protruding really far), since it only has 2 pinholes in the front. You can also barely see a bevel gear on the bottom; I wasn't able to fit a differential in there. It didn't really matter for a car of this size.

From the side view we see how few Technic beams (the long yellow parts) I used throughout the build. You might even be able to tell how the battery box was removed; the windshield was lifted to permit the battery box to be folded up. The 3-stud yellow beams would be removed from the sides to allow the box to just slide off the rails it was loaded on. Making the battery box easily removable can be key to any PF creation you plan on playing with for a while. Even though that wasn't the case for this creation, it was a necessary aspect to fulfill for the project's focus.

Ah yes. I finally have a video to present along with all the photos. Enjoy!

As you saw the weight of the battery box in the back caused this thing to make a wheelie upon rapid acceleration.

Compact Lego RC Car
PF Contents:

1 Battery Box
2 M Motors
1 Receiver
1 Remote
1 Pair of LEDs

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