Monday, July 9, 2012

Large Lego RC Car (built sometime around 2008/9)

Focus of project: Design, Color Scheme, and Fun

So I guess I'll start with an easy one. After several attempts at making several RC cars, I finally got to make one that I felt was worth photographing. Now I didn't have any real video cameras at the time (this was about 4 years ago; now I have a good one), so I only have pictures for this creation. It was a rather slow moving, but powerful vehicle, and was one of the first of my machines to be built with a color scheme.

This build wasn't very professionally made, in terms of internal mechanisms, because I didn't have as many sophisticated parts at the time. As you can see below, both rear wheels were powered by direct drive and no differential axle between them. The car didn't have suspension, either. My only goal with this build was to make a car that works flawlessly with the functions that it had (all my previous cars always had some sort of mechanical issue), and I achieved this goal here for the first time.

The return-to-center mechanism wasn't very well made either:

Essentially, all I did was perform several tests of trial and error until I had the right rubber band power that the turning motor could overcome, yet the power was just enough to defy the motor's torque and return the two front wheels to facing forward again. This would happen the moment you let go of the turning switch on the remote, which would cut off power to the turning motor. This particular steering system worked quite well.

The main reason for this build was to get some experience in making a good-looking, fun car to drive around. I learned that those red parts in the top front were made to perfectly house the PF LEDs, which made it look beautiful in the dark (my apologies for not taking such photos).

I have made instructions for this build several years ago by taking photos of every step, and I feel some of those photos would be nice to show to get a good glimpse of what's under the hood:

The battery could be removed and refilled easily; you just had to lift the driver's window, disconnect the receivers, and slide the battery box out.

Large Lego RC Car
PF Contents:

1 Battery Box
2 XL Motors
1 M Motor
2 Receivers
2 Remotes
1 Pair of LEDs

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