Monday, August 20, 2012

Lego Transformers (Part 2)

Focus of projects: Same as in Part 1, only with improvements in design.

This is the "next generation" series of Lego Transformers that I made about a year after the ones in Part 1. Unfortunately there wasn't that many, and as mentioned in Part 1 I had another tank transformer that didn't survive long enough for documentation.

Cube Transformer:

This was one of my personal favorites, although unfortunately it did not prove to be so durable as I would have liked. Both modes were pretty sturdy, but it was difficult to transform it without something falling off. The faces of the cubes were labeled from 1 to 6 in red plates.

Post-Apocalyptic Junkyard Rig Transformer:

You can probably guess that I really don't have a name for this thing. I just really wanted to make something out of the orange wheels, and this is what came about. The biggest difference with this one and the others was the heavy use of Bionicle parts, which made the body very sturdy. I remember building way past my bedtime to complete all the internal movable parts, to the point I was forced to drop it and go to sleep (I was about 12 at the time). This was my most complicated Transformer. Somehow, it still sits in my room collecting dust as the years go by.

Go-Kart Transformer:

 Go-Kart, Indy Racer, whatever. This is one of my personal favorites and I say "is" because I also still have this one in possession. There is simply no need to take it apart as I have duplicates of almost everything in it. It is simple, small, and easy to transform, yet both modes look very distinct from one another. I also made this model in Lego Digital Designer, both in vehicle and robot mode. Also, as small as it is, the robot mode has quite a few joints in it.

There is also a video that I made for it years after I built it:

And yes, another embarrassing video:

I'm sorry to say, but "Transformers Battle 2" was discontinued a long time ago. Part 1 is all I have.

And that's it for Part 2 of my Lego Transformers. I will now revert to posts of Power Functions creations.

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