Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lego Color Games Tanks

Focus of project: Compactness, durability

As school kept drowning me with work, I tried my best to commence construction of the next generation Battlebots. Unfortunately, my luck for that did not come just yet. Instead, I built four identical tanks each coded with a specific color, with which all kinds of games could be played. Up to four people could play, and if there were less than four people, players could choose to control a second tank, but only one at a time. Also against my luck, no footage of game-play was taken, as I did not imagine the need for it back then. Nonetheless, the various games I experimented with weren't too boring. I made photographic instructions on how to build one of these, so I have a photo of all four tanks:

Here's a closer look at the gearing. The motors would be connected behind the orange sprockets.

Examples of games include capture the flag, "hockey", "football", and a few more unnamed games. The objects used were 4x4 cubes of all colors, and a cylindrical "puck" for hockey. The cubes looked like this (there were many more):

The playing field was typically constructed using masking tape and 4 sharpies, each matching one of the tank's colors. The playing field looked like this:

The ring in the middle represents the puck's position if the game at hand was hockey. The black territorial marks were only taped when all four players decided to play 2 vs 2. Games involving not only the cubes but also the colors of the cubes were amusing in particular. There were so many possibilities of games to be played, as is always the case with any lego project.

Lego Color Games Tanks
PF Contents (per tank):

1 Battery Box
2 M Motors
1 Receiver
1 Remote

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