Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Arm Rover

Focus of project: Functionality, Color theme.

The Arm Rover was by far my largest Lego creation. I would have liked to make it autonomous, but the financial necessities for that would shoot through the roof. However, the remote control functionality wasn't lacking whatsoever; all mechanical aspects worked fine in that form. As I started this blog two years after making the Arm Rover, I already have a long video about its features, so there's little need for a wall of text describing the specifics. But before we go deeper, let's watch a quick demonstration of this robot:

As you saw it is quite large, yet very good at handling small objects, such as the white die. In this video however the batteries were running low, since the Rover had been sitting in my house for about a year. The base moves at a considerable speed on full battery.

If you are willing to take the time to watch the following overview (as opposed to reading pages and pages of description), feel free to do so. I originally planned to leave this video for anyone who'll inherit my lego parts, but realized it would be a good idea to put it on YouTube. This video is also the reason why I omitted textual description:

I also happen to have an image of all the separated parts used in the Arm Rover:

Arm Rover
PF Contents:

3 Battery Boxes
2 XL Motors
12 M Motors
5 Receivers
4 Remotes
1 Pair of LEDs
6 Linear Actuators


  1. awesome lego collection! *.*
    did you use all power function motor- and controls, you have?

    1. I used all my motors but I had some leftover batteries, remotes and a receiver. Are you YouTube username MrHuggaga?